Sir. Chacko Abraham Kallivayalil ( Pappan) could be an inspiration to all students, His own limited education due to lack of opportunities in his time was among his deep regrets, However, he embodies many qualities representative of a well-rounded education an enquiring mind, a deep interest in nature and innovative methods, his active involvement with people and the community at large, a strong determination to improve his life and of those around him. He understood well, the importance of education and its ability to transform lives. That, along with his tremendous faith in God and caring for those around him, was the essence of his strength and success as an individual. His motto was Never given up.
KPMP School is dedicated to the memory of Sri. C.A Kallivayalil and his values. It is a non-residential, co-educational institution that follows the CBSE syllabus, and currently offers classes till the tenth standard. The school is located in a peaceful environment at 35th Mile, about one kilometer from Mundakayam. Michael A Kallivayalil, son of Sri Pappan Kallivayalil, is the founder.


The aim of the school is the overall development of the child the physical, the intellectual, and the spiritual. Importance is given to academics. The institution is driven to mold children to live as good citizens of India. We strongly believe that the concept of education encompasses more than learning from books.
We strive to instill in the hearts of our students, the importance of love, compassion, and patience- necessary qualities to cultivate and nurture to become successful individuals and responsible citizens.


Karate, Keyboard, Swimming, Yoga, dance, Music, Roller skating, crafts like sewing and needlework, sports and games like Volleyball, Badminton, Kho. Kho Football.


Majestic mountains and enchanting valleys
Whispering willows and chattering streams
Meeting together in one heart and mind
We are the Nation's grandeur and pride
All the horizons echo the music
KPM Public School sings forevermore
Glorious and victorious ever
Forming the leaders for the future near
Growing in wisdom and values immortal
Love and compassion for everyone dear
Patience and never to give in to fear
We are the Nation's grandeur and pride
God bless our school and our (nation)
KPM Public School sings forevermore